Thermal Oil Process Heating

When it comes to convenient heat generation with natural gas, Viessmann has various technologies to offer that can satisfy a wide range of demands: whether for new build or modernisation, a single flat, house or complex.


  • oil & gas (bitumen heating, refinery processes, crude oil preheating and pipelines)
  • chemical processes (synthetic resin and polyester preparation, synthesis products, heating of columns and drying processes)
  • textile (synthetic fibres, dyeing, printing, bending machine heating)
  • metallurgical industry (anodising,phosphate coating, phosphating, hot rolling)
  • rubber and plastics (heating of press machines, polypropylene and PVC production)
  • flexible packaging (heating of printing machines, laminating and coating)
  • paper (production, laminating and printing)
  • wood (drying, boards)

Fuel and Gas Fired Thermal Oil Heaters

The fuel or gas fired heater harmonises a high level of heating with low energy costs. The output ranges between 40 and 25 000 kW and can reach operational temperatures up to 400°C. The heater comprises of a burner that heats up thermal oil inside tube coils. The thermal oil circulates through a closed loop system that indirectly heats up the process medium or secondary system. The system is fully automated and fitted with local control systems, process control and instrumentation equipment.



Thermal Oil Electric Heaters

Electric heating using thermal oil is always the first choice when an easy and quick installation, as well as low servicing expenditure is required. For power ranges between 6 and 4000 kW and temperatures up to 400°C, HTT has developed the WTEelectric heater class and the CPS temperature control system. Both are suited for heating or tempering warm water to +100°C, hot water to +240°C, as well as heat transfer oil to +400°C.

Optional special solutions, for example, explosion-protected implementation or so-called Molsyn units for calendar rolls tempering using hydraulic oil are also possible for the WTE and CPS classes.

Heat Recovery with Thermal Oil Heaters

Energy efficiency is more than a slogan, nowadays is a top priority. HTT supports enterprises to detect and optimize their energy usage. Waste heat is utilized to preheat air to the burner for increased efficiency, produce warm water or generate electricity through the Organic Rankine Cycle process.

Through waste heat recovery the efficiency can be increased up to 96% resulting in return of investment within 12 to 24 months.

Some examples of processes where waste heat can be recovered using thermal oil as the heat transfer medium are listed below:

  • Flue gases from fired furnaces and boilers
  • Distillation column condensers
  • Power generation turbine condensers
  • Steam condensate systems
  • Incinerators and thermal oxidisers
  • Dryers and ovens
  • Industrial processes utilising high temperature operations


Containerized Skid

If space is a constraint the complete heating system with heater pump skid, control panel, expansion and filling tank can be built inside a container.
Easy to transport and deliver as a complete unit to your plant.


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