Heating Natural Gas


Heat Exchangers

GTS Thielmann are international specialists in the design and manufacture of shell and tube heat exchangers for the natural gas industry. The heat transfer medium can be a water and glycol mixture or saturated steam. Horizontal or vertical vessels are built according to international codes and standards.

Water Bath Heaters

Water Bath Heaters are used in the oil and gas industry and often on pressure reduction and compressor stations to heat the gas before it cools down due to the Joule-Thompson effect during pressure reduction. The gas burner can use the pipeline gas as a fuel source. GTS Thielmann’s Water Bath Heaters are custom-built for each application with sizes ranging from 300 kW to 4 MW.



Skid Mounted Gas Fired Water Heaters

Skid mounted heaters are designed and supplied to control the gas temperature after pressure reduction in gas reduction stations. The unit provide hot water to a shell and tube heat exchanger before the pressure regulators in the station. Skids are custom built and sizes vary from 300 kW to more than 1 MW.

Hazardous Area Electrical Heaters

EXHEAT is a world leader in the design and manufacture of engineered electrical process heaters for use in hazardous areas. All hazardous area heaters manufactured by EXHEAT can be supplied fully certified to meet the latest requirements of the IECEx Scheme, CSA or the European ATEX Directive.

Electrical heaters can be used to heat the gas prior to pressure reduction. The outlet gas temperature is controlled by a thyristor control panel.

Heaters are certified for use in Zone 1 Gas group II A, B and C.

In addition to a range of standard products EXHEAT also designs and builds custom electrical heaters to the customer’s unique requirements. The range of standard products includes air heaters, immersion heaters, line heaters, water heaters, thermostat and transmitter enclosures as well as heating elements.


Other Products