Gas Flow Meters



RMA ultrasonic meters offers the typical advantages of ultrasonic meters like negligible pressure loss, no maintenance and very precise measurement, but additionally it has an integral volume corrector with pressure and temperate units inside the casing and an ATEX approved operating unit with touch-screen display. An integrated tariff device automatically records and stores the measured volume and the peak and minimum values for the different periods of time in a data base. With direct path (6 independent paths) measurement on 3 levels the RMA ultrasonic meter can determine the amount of swirl and asymmetry.

Ultrasonic meter with flow computer

RMG (by Honeywell) ultrasonic meters have a rugged, non-intrusive design and features bi-directional flow measuring capability, dynamic 3-D flow profile modelling, best in class Exd transducers and a wide turndown ratio (> 120:1). Honeywell’s ultrasonic meter features a proprietary MID-approved detection algorithm that greatly reduces the meter’s sensitivity to regulator noise. Available in a wide pressure range (0-300 bar) and in 4” to 24” size. A separate flow computer (PC based) does volume correction and data recording.


  • Fiscal metering / custody transfer
  • Gas transportation and distribution
  • Underground gas storage (bi-directional)
  • Gas fired power plants
  • Gas processing plants



Turbine meter

An accurate meter suitable for commercial and industrial custody transfer measurement in transmission and distribution systems.Turbine meters work by determining the velocity of the gas passing through the meter. Sensus is the market leader in turbine meter technology and the meter features low friction bearings with a prolonged design life. High pressure calibration is available at Sensus’ factory.

Sensus Auto Adjust turbine meters are a special high accuracy turbine meter with two rotors working in partnership to continuously measure accuracy and adjust for changes in gas flow conditions, or drag caused by component wear and contamination. Sensus Auto Adjust turbine meters have been field proven for over 30 years.

A wafer-type turbine meter is a compact, high-pressure meter for accurate measurement of gas in distribution or gas reticulation systems.

Positive displacement meter

Romet positive displacement meters have capacities suitable for residential, commercial or industrial applications. Optional electronic volume corrector modules are integrated with the meters.



Diaphragm meter

Diaphragm meters are primarily for low pressure domestic and small commercial applications. Pulse outputs are available and even smart metering modules for remote meter reading.

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