Gas Flow Meters

Gas-fired Condensing Boiler

A gas-fired condensing boiler is one of the most economical and clean ways to heat your home, reduce your monthly heating bills and improve your environmental footprint. The comprehensive product range from Viessmann for commercial applications include efficient systems for an economical provision of heat, steam, cooling and power.  Viesmann’s heating systems can be applied to many industrial processes and agricultural applications.  Our plant construction service includes the engineering and development of the plant as well as technical services, right through to operational management.

Heat Pumps

The Energycal PRO series is a range of high efficiency, air to water & water to water heat pumps suitable for domestic and commercial hot water applications.  The air to water units are primarily designed for outdoor applications and rated at Energy Class A or higher. The heat pumps can be configured to provide hot or chilled water.  Viessmann offers a full complement of hydraulic, electric, control and communication accessories for complete integrated solution.


  • Fiscal metering / custody transfer
  • Gas transportation and distribution
  • Underground gas storage (bi-directional)
  • Gas fired power plants
  • Gas processing plants


Turbine meter

An accurate meter suitable for commercial and industrial custody transfer measurement in transmission and distribution systems.Turbine meters work by determining the velocity of the gas passing through the meter. Sensus is the market leader in turbine meter technology and the meter features low friction bearings with a prolonged design life. High pressure calibration is available at Sensus’ factory.

Sensus Auto Adjust turbine meters are a special high accuracy turbine meter with two rotors working in partnership to continuously measure accuracy and adjust for changes in gas flow conditions, or drag caused by component wear and contamination. Sensus Auto Adjust turbine meters have been field proven for over 30 years.

A wafer-type turbine meter is a compact, high-pressure meter for accurate measurement of gas in distribution or gas reticulation systems.

Positive displacement meter

Romet positive displacement meters have capacities suitable for residential, commercial or industrial applications. Optional electronic volume corrector modules are integrated with the meters.



Diaphragm meter

Diaphragm meters are primarily for low pressure domestic and small commercial applications. Pulse outputs are available and even smart metering modules for remote meter reading.

Other Products