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Understanding fibre-reinforced plastic vents

Understanding fibre-reinforced plastic vents [Johannesburg, 10 February 2020]: Liquid storage tanks are a crucial part of the chemical industry. With different types of chemicals having different characteristics and behaviours – it’s important to find the right venting solution for each chemical. Liquid storage tanks play a significant role as part of the plant in the […]

Ice-cream factory switches from coal boilers to HPCMS station

An ice-cream factory has replaced its old coal-fired boilers with more efficient and ‘green’ natural gas fired boilers. When looking for an efficient solution to switch from its old and inefficient coal fired boilers, an ice-cream factory looked for a trusted product from a reputable supplier. Egoli Gas supplied the factory with an HPCMS (High […]

Why mines should consider natural gas as energy source

[Johannesburg, 15 August 2019 2018]: As the mining sector, a well-known energy intensive sector, continuously strives to meet its growing energy demand and at the same time limiting CO2 emissions with cleaner-burning alternative energy sources, why is it that only 4% of South Africa’s total energy is sourced from gas?  Electricity consumption, and the cost […]

Huge untapped potential for gas-to-power in Southern Africa

By HP van Huyssteen, project manager at Energas Technologies. That southern Africa is becoming a key player in the international trend towards the development of renewable energy sources is no overstatement. A joint report by REN21 and UNIDO finds that renewables now account for 23,5% of the region’s generation capacity. SADC countries aim to increase […]