Axial Control, Surge Relief & Non-Slam Check Valves

Mokveld provides the gas and oil industry with expert knowledge and highly advanced engineered valve systems for critical control and safety applications.

Axial surge relief valve

Mokveld axial surge relief valves respond to pipeline pressure surges by rapidly opening to full capacity and minimising the pressure build-up. The valve and pilot design is based on simplicity with the minimum number of components to improve reliability. Available in 6” to 12” size in pressure ratings from ASME Class 150 to Class 900 and even higher on request.


  • Hydraulic pressure surge relief
  • Oil-tanker loading terminals
  • Transmission lines
  • Remote locations
  • Hydraulic pressure surge relief

Axial control valve

Selecting Mokveld axial control valves with proven reliable performance will help to reduce costly maintenance and lost production time – a choice that will ensure the safe and reliable operation of your plant.


  • Special control
  • Anti-surge/recycle control
  • Severe-duty (axial choke valve)
  • Anti-cavitation/Joule-Thomson

Angle choke valve

With the introduction of this new choke valve, Mokveld once again sets the benchmark for production uptime. Based on the Total Velocity Management® concept, choke erosion has been reduced by a factor of 4.


  • Oil & gas production
  • Gas lift
  • Water & gas injection
  • Joule Thomson

Axial on-off valve

This valve is specifically suitable for severe duty on-off (upstream) and for quick-acting safety applications (HIPPS). Pressure has no impact on the operating forces, resulting in much lower actuating force and the valve can be opened against full differential pressure.


  • Severe duty on-off (upstream)
  • Flow line header on-off
  • Quick-acting on-off (HIPPS)
  • Critical isolation, start-up & blow-down

Non-slam check valve

The venturi shaped body of the Mokveld non-slam check valve ensures a very low pressure drop. The spring assisted disc ensures rapid closure during flow deceleration to prevent flow reversal and check valve slam. Available in 2” to 76” size and in pressure classes up to ASME Class 2500 or higher on request.


  • Critical applications (compressor protection and at pump stations)
  • Severe duty and multi-phase flow
  • Anti-water hammer and buried service
  • Low pressure drop

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