Pipeline ball valves

RMA pipeline ball valves are fully welded with primary metal seats and secondary soft seats and are designed completely free of maintenance. These valves have a double block and bleed feature, a reliable anti-static device, are fire safe to various standards and have a low friction maintenance free bearing for the trunnion mounting. RMA pipeline ball valves have a demonstrated design life of 50 years. A third emergency sealing system can be optionally added. Available in 1” to 56” size and in a range of pressure classes.


  • Transmission pipelines (aboveground or buried service)
  • Compressor stations
  • Measuring or regulating stations
  • ESD units
  • On drain or vent connections and on pig traps

Plug valves (lubricated and pressure balanced)

Galli & Cassina lubricated plug valves are pressure balanced, fire safe with metal-to-metal seating and are used in critical applications like slurry and mining service or on high pressure vent and drain connections for gas piping. These plug valves are designed to API 599, API 6D and ASME B16.34 to meet industry standards. The plug material of all Galli & Cassina plug valves receives a case hardening treatment to improve hardness and wear resistance and a PTFE anti-friction treatment to lower friction and operating torques. Various options and configurations are available with sizes ranging from ½” to 36”.



Severe service ball valves

Hartmann true metal-to metal sealing ball valves are only recommended for severe service applications and offers a completely bubble-tight seal. These valves are available in a vast temperature range, from extremely low to extremely high (-110°C to +550°C) with standard materials and even a wider range with special materials. Pressure classes up to ANSI Class 2500 or API 10 000 are available. A robust design and careful material selection ensures that these valves can withstand even the most aggressive and abrasive fluids.Various valve configurations, including a twin ball valve, scraper valve and wellheads are available. Hartmann severe service ball valves are designed, manufactured and tested in Germany.


  • FPSO offshore production facilities
  • Chemical and petrochemical industries
  • Mining industry
  • Power stations and extreme temperature applications
  • Crude oil and gas industry

Severe service ball valves

EVS (a division of Virgo Valves) offers severe service valves to meet demanding industry requirements. A variety of valve configurations are available for the power generation, steam service, chemical & petrochemical, mining, paper, food & beverage and oil & gas industries. EVS focuses on customer satisfaction and a variety of valve sizes and materials are stocked in the factory to improve delivery times. Temperature ranges from -101° to +815°C and pressure classes up to ANSI Class 4500 are available.



Floating and trunnion mounted ball valves

Virgo floating and trunnion mounted valves are used worldwide in the chemical, petrochemical, oil, gas, fertilizer and HVAC industries. Virgo valves are designed and manufactured according to ASME B16.34, API 6D and BS 5351 standards. Stock valves are readily available in warehouses across the world.

Triple eccentric valves

TriTork triple offset valves (a division of Virgo Valves) manufactures next-generation high-end, quarter-turn, metal-to-metal sealing, zero leakage valves which offer flow control solutions for a varied range of applications.


  • ZERO’ leakage
  • Bi-directional, metal-to-metal sealing
  • Low operating torque
  • One piece shaft with blow-out proof design
  • Adjustable shaft seal for low emission
  • Inherently fire safe


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