About Us

Energas Technologies has been a leading supplier of high-end and specialised equipment to the oil and gas industries in Southern Africa since 2001.

The company’s core focus is to support and supply equipment to the natural gas industry and its products find application from the gas well, through the distribution network right up until the end user.  Our products include pipeline ball valves, flow meters, regulators, filters, heaters,  HDPE pipes and fittings, safety valves, etc. We specialize in supplying complete skid mounted high pressure reduction and metering stations for easy installation in remote areas.

Another division is focussing on liquid storage tank protection equipment such as conservation vents, flame arresters and emergency vents. Waste Heat Recovery and generating electricity from renewable sources is a third category in our product range.  Through the ORC process, electricity and heat can be generated for several industry applications.

Energas Technologies is a member of the Southern African Gas Association NPC.

Energas Technologies is  ISO 9001 accredited and currently holds BEE level 4 status.